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A Letter from the Editors


You know that rollercoaster feeling when a little vacuum of terror and anticipation has formed in the center of your torso? That’s what it’s like to lose your job with seven of your friends. It’s what you feel like when you say, “Screw it, we’re not done working together” and decide to create a new magazine. That’s also what it feels like when 1,779 people—most of whom you’ve never even met—send you money to make it happen. 

It’s been a weird summer. Creative destruction is exhausting but exhilarating. In the three months since we decided over Tecates and Thai food to launch this little venture, we’ve been busy freelancing, scheming, applying for new jobs, taking vacations we can’t afford, and incubating the 1 lb., 3 oz. baby you’re holding in your hands.

From the first meetings in our de facto HQ, a rustic Echo Park cabin, we had more ideas than we knew what to do with. Our call for contributions resulted in hundreds of pitches and offers to design or illustrate or help with fact-checking. Thanks to this outpouring of creativity and support, we’ve been able to fill these pages with stories, arguments, and art that hopefully express the beautiful weirdness of the cultural, political, and economic moment in which we find ourselves. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we live in the future, that the things we find commonplace were mere notions just a few decades ago. Tomorrowland is what we called our temporary office, but it’s the country we live in, too: high-tech, post-national, gender-bending, race-mixing, egalitarian, and ready for whatever comes next. Funny. Sexy. Strange.

The hardest part of making a magazine is figuring out the unifying principle. We wanted to capture the fuck-the-luddites, embrace-the-change, look-around-the-corner attitude that kept our heads above water when times were dark. We wanted to bring some measured optimism to an uncertain time.

We’re so grateful to you—all of you—for giving us another chance to do good work with our good friends, to learn a thing or two, to stay relevant as a group for a little longer. We’re especially thankful for the people who came together to make this magazine with us—the writers, illustrators, designers, copy editors, and fact-checkers who joined us for a marathon final week of drafts and revisions. Without them, this magazine would be uglier, dumber, less accurate, more boring. And it would have been much less fun to make.

Now that the rollercoaster is slowing down, we’re feeling a little sad that this particular ride is almost over. How will it feel when all the pages have been sent to press, when our friends have moved away for awesome new jobs, when the empty coffee cups and Diet Coke cans have been cleared away, when we wake up and ask what’s next? That’s the tomorrow for us today. 

We hope there’s some stuff in here you think is awesome. We hope this magazine helps you get a handle on what’s best in life. And we hope it provokes you to make something yourself. 

See you tomorrow. -

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