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Crowsourced Poetics

Alan Hanson spits his verse quickly and rolls his Dutch thickly.
Katie Wilson runs the chick side of Dude and Chick stationery.


There is beauty hiding everywhere, from technical texts to civil codes. The fine print at the bottom of your takeout menu may whisk you away. An “exit carefully” sign in the Bank of America parking lot might make you wonder what it all means. With a few line breaks, Yelp reviews reveal their inner beauty: as poems.

The Varsity

I ordered the fish and chips while
she, had the burger.
The fish and chip was no bueno.
Definitely a bad move at this former
rumpshake rum shop.

The burger
on the other hand
was pretty good.
No its one of these
best burger in all of LA

It’s just a good burger after work
where you can get a beer with
no frills
or thrills.

What makes it really good is
the Char.
The taste
that you get
from their char broiled burgers

makes me happy.

Honestly, who does a good
char broiled burgers
these days
at a place
like this?


Last I was here, it was
leftside tables, leftside bar
rightside outdoor seating/
standing, inside middle
dance floors
separated by

a rail,

the deejay is in
a little raised booth
next to the dance floor,

then to the left is
a little walkway
near the restrooms
& another outdoor
smoking area next to
the 2nd bar. Ehh,
bathrooms always
suck at these places.
Anyway, depending on
what night, the crowds

Clubs just aren’t fun for
me anymore, I’d rather
go snorkeling, or be

Olvera Street

Cheap thrills are abound
at Olvera St. A piece of
LA history. Shop for
leather wallets and purses,
Mexican masks and

Stop and get some tacos from any
of the food stands here.
They are all good.
Make sure you stop at Mr. Churro
for, what else, churros.

Cream filled and
covered with sugar and

Parking can be tricky.
Take the metro to
union station or fight
traffic and park in one
of the pay city lots.

There are cultural events
all year long here, check
out their website for the


I walked up
to the ticket taker
last Saturday,

who was dressed
like Leonidas,

and as he ripped
my ticket he said
to me

“You look like you’re
ready for battle!”

I slammed
my fist
to my

any theatre that recruits me
into the Spartan Army
gets *****
yes indeed.